Who We Are

For 40 plus years, we have been manufacturing tarps and tarp systems for the heavy duty trucking industry, construction industry, and aviation industry. We make tarps and tarp systems for dump trucks, dump trailers, roll-off trucks, grain haulers, flat beds, safety nets, jet engines, and so much more. 

A few words about


Pablo Evora opened Evora Enterprises and came up with the idea of using mesh as a base material for dump truck tarps and dump trailer tarps. He also innovated a tarping system of which the prototype was made of pipes used for plumbing.

We integrated a winch motor with our existing tarp kits making it easier and safer for operators. This was a favorite of many OEM’s.

We came up with the direct drive motor that eliminated the chain of the chain driven motor. This made it much easier to install the spooling components of tarp systems and made operating a safer procedure. No patent was created for this and it has been copied by many companies.

Evora Enterprises was growing and added the D.B.A. Tarps and Beyond to make it easier for new customers to understand what our organization was about. Shortly after, we had become the biggest tarp and tarp system supplier in the Southeastern United States. 

The market crash of 2008 forced us to look for new revenue streams. We added liners and aviation covers to our line of tarp products. We also acquired many municipal contracts.

In 2016 we moved our headquarters to Ocala, Fl for strategic purposes. The large space was much needed and it allowed for us to increase our capacity.

The launch of our e-commerce store. This allows us to make our product more accessible to customers that are miles away from their nearest store. We want your tarping experience to be a positive one. You don’t have to deal with stores being out of stock, part settling, and delays that some retail outlets may have. Why go to the product when it can come to you?