Our complete aluminum tarp system is complete with and electric tarp winding system and aluminum tarp arm system. Be one of the many that trust the 950XT.




This complete aluminum tarp system has everything in it to tarp successfully and it is simple to install. In this system, we combine an electric tarp winding system with an aluminum tarp arm system.

The electric winding system comes complete with a super fast 60:1 gear ratio motor, a rotary tarp switch, an aluminum roller bar, two aluminum mounting brackets, a flange bearing, a stub shaft, 60′ of electric cable, and all the necessary hardware to install it.

The aluminum tarp arm system is a front-to-back tarp arm system that is made of high quality aluminium. This system comes complete with pivot pins, pivot arms, side arms, coil springs, elbows, cross-over bar, hardware, and tarp centering flanges. This system will extend to cover a dump body up to 22′ foot long. This tarp arm system is one of the easiest to install and can be installed with tools that are found in most garages. You only need the following to install:

The polished aluminium is not only high grade, but it also looks incredible on any truck or trailer that it is installed on. Apart from being incredible to look at, it is also extremely practical when working near saltwater, or water in general. When this system gets too dirty, it will be able to handle the aggressiveness of an acid wash, but a simple wash with regular dish washing soap will have this system looking new and ready to take on any job that comes it’s way.

This system was designed to be interchangeable with most systems available on the market and can be interchanged with parts from competitors. In the 40 plus years of selling tarp systems, this system has been, by far, our best seller and we see no signs of that slowing down anytime soon. Be the one of many that put their trust in our Complete Aluminum Tarp System for dump trucks and trailers.


With this kit you get a 90:1 gear ration tarp motor.


Aluminum roller bar has groves for multiple mounting options.


Aluminum arms will resist corrosion and last longer.


Coil springs create the tension inside the pivot bracket towards the back of the truck.

Durable rotary tarp switch.

Rotary switch

60:1 gear ratio tarp motor with 1 year warranty.

tarp motor

Polished aluminum arms with adjustable side arms. Easy to install!

Aluminum arms

Be one of many that trust our reliable complete aluminum tarp kits and operate with confidence.

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 9 × 9 in