We have a selection of tarp motors & parts for our customer to pick from and a bunch of replacement tarp parts as well. We carry motors in a 90:1 gear ratio (heavy duty) and a 60:1 gear ratio (regular duty). Our motors are warrantied and have been trusted for many years to work well past the expiration of their warranties.

You can also shop this category to look for things like replacement tarp motor mounting brackets, tarp switches, switch kits, tarp roller bars in aluminium, replacement tarp arms for you tarping systems, and much, much more.

If you need help figuring out what parts you need, you can always call a member at our customer support team to help you figure out what part it is that you actually need. You don’t have to buy entire kits to get one simple part and we can help you avoid spend more than you have to on part at: 305-261-4522.

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