At Tarps and Beyond, we carry a verity of tarp systems for a verity of applications. We have tarp systems for dump trucks, dump trailers, landscaping, roll-off trucks, and walking floors. Our tarp systems are split up into three categories: tarp winding systems, tarp arm systems, and complete tarp systems.

Tarp winding systems spool the tarp on the roller bar and include all the items involved in doing that particular procedure. Tarp winding systems can be operated electronically or manually, and for this reason, we offer electric kits and manual kits.

Tarp arm systems are responsible for suspending the tarps and applying the tension/torsion in the opposite direction of the tarp winding system. Tarp arm systems include everything with-in the two pivot pins and the pivot pins themselves. Tarp arm systems come in galvanized steel or aluminium.

Complete tarps systems are a combination of a tarp winding system and a tarp arm system. Our customers have the ability to mix and match systems to their liking to suit the intended purpose of their hauls so that they can reach their highest potentials on the road.

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